Our Activities

The primary objective of WEPPIA is to provide a forum for its members to interact with each other and to jointly tackle problems faced by them in their day to day operations. The Association also represents the members in other forums as well as in interactions with Govt. agencies. However, the roles and responsibilities of the Association have expanded manifolds after being assigned the job of maintaining the EPIP and undertaking development work which also involves participating in meetings involving the State Govt. as well as meetings outside Bangalore involving the Central Govt. To this end, WEPPIA has taken on a larger and more active role than just protecting the interests of its member organizations. For instance; WEPPIA provides, at its expense, a large number of traffic wardens equipped with walkie-talkies, all across the EPIP Zone,

WEPPIA has deployed Security Personals for patrolling in Common Bay Area 24/7

WEPPIA has been actively coordinating the construction of Underpass at Graphite Junction & Big Bazaar for uninterrupted travel between EPIP and KR Puram, EPIP & Kundahalli Road. This involves interactions with VITC, BBMP & Consortium of builders.