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The primary objective of WEPPIA is to provide a forum for its members to interact with each other and to jointly tackle problems faced by them in their day to day operations. The Association also represents the members in other forums as well as in interactions with Govt. agencies. However, the roles and responsibilities of the Association have expanded manifolds after being assigned the job of maintaining the EPIP and undertaking development work which also involves participating in meetings involving the State Govt. as well as meetings outside Bangalore involving the Central Govt. To this end, WEPPIA has taken on a larger and more active role than just protecting the interests of its member organizations. For instance; WEPPIA provides, at its expense, a large number of traffic wardens equipped with walkie-talkies, all across the EPIP Zone,

WEPPIA has deployed Security Personals for patrolling in Common Bay Area 24/7

Metro from Graphite circle to BigBazar Junction with SAP labs, BMTC and Sathya Sai Hospital as Halt points Whole EPIP zone will be Wi-Fi Sports complex near water Tank Security and Traffic Management E-waste Management STP – Sewage Water Treatment Plant Rainwater Harvesting Solar Street Lights Green zone – Landscaping Awareness campaign – ex. Traffic, car Pooling, Organic, Terrace Gardening,Yoga

Maintenance of EPIP

In its role of maintaining the EPIP, WEPPIA carries out the following activities: Liaison with Govt. departments for common services and development of infrastructure Forum for grievance redressal of member organizations Undertake Community development in the areas adjoining to EPIP. Security and Traffic Management E-waste Management Water Supply distribution Maintenance of Civic Amenities in EPIP.

Security & Traffic Management

Park Security To safeguard the assets & resources of WEPPIA and be accountable for coordinating with Police for implementing best safety processes at EPIP. To ensure the WEPPIA Security team is prepared for preventing any possibility of catastrophic event or related significant security incident. The key responsibility would be regular periodic review & evolution of organizational readiness. Request has been made for Karnataka Industrial Security Force (KISF) to be deployed in EPIP by end of 2013

Traffic Controls To ensure smooth flow of traffic within EPIP Ensure best traffic processes with the assistance of local traffic police

Infrastructure Development

WEPPIA is actively involved in all the Infrastructure development projects in EPIP. Right from the days of pressurising the Central Govt body VITC for releasing 100 crores project for quickly improving the poor condition of the Internal Road, Pavements, Drainages in EPIP Under PPP Model

One of the first projects handled by WEPPIA was the improvement of infrastructure within the EPIP. This major project, spread over a period of over 12 months, achieved the following: Creation of an aesthetically appealing entrance to the EPIP Relaying of all roads within the park using state of the art technology Relaying of new water distribution pipes across the estate Neat and clean sidewalks with kerb stones along all the roads Proper rainwater drainage along all roads Ducting along each road for laying of service facilities such as OFC cables, water pipes, telephone cables, etc. (which would eliminate the need for frequent digging of roads) Construction of solid waste collection points Signages along all roads with identification of each member organisation Beautification of median by flowering plants

This project was partly funded by WEPPIA through the member organisations with the VITC & BBMP contributing the major share of about Rs. Forty Five Crores each. All these facilities are being maintained since then by WEPPIA at their own expense. WEPPIA has also been regularly interacting with service providers such as BMTC for improvement of public transport facilities, KPTCL and BESCOM for improved electric power, BWSSB for water and sanitation facilities, Police Service for improvement of security and patrolling within the EPIP, Bangalore Telephones and private telecom operators for improvement of telephone and internet services, KIADB for additional land for infrastructure projects, etc.